Marvin Gaye – Sunny (Mercury Edit II)

Marvin Gaye – Sunny (Mercury Edit II) is a summer hit for the soul, filled with good vibes and nice beats. The good news is that there is a free download on this one, get it while it´s still available.

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Ben La Desh Bohicon Bossa

Fresh tune here from Ben La Desh – Bohicon Bossa (Rebound Round EP), very groovy. Worth getting this on vinyl.

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Afro Lemon Niga Rua

For the ones that know me, you know I like my bangers funky. Afro Lemon Niga Rua is a deep cooked, ready to be served on the decks, it will keep them going. They really did a good job on this smasher, just up my alley, and I´m sure you will think the same.

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Your Love Rocks

It´s been a while since I have posted any music tips, but I just couldn´t let this one go by without sharing it. It´s just too happy and snappy. And what better way to share to your valentine (I´m slow I know) than telling her / or him that your love rocks!

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Nu Disco banger out on ken records

Released on Ken Records, this release and ia nu disco banger, it´s got support from some of the bigger names in Norwegian DJ´s like Diskjokke, Jarle Bråten, Dj Friendly and Olle Abstract just to name a few. And the video is recorded in Latora 4Brazos, a very trendy club in Bogota, Colombia. Big up to […]

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