Nu Disco banger out on ken records

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Released on Ken Records, this release and ia nu disco banger, it´s got support from some of the bigger names in Norwegian DJ´s like Diskjokke, Jarle Bråten, Dj Friendly and Olle Abstract just to name a few. And the video is recorded in Latora 4Brazos, a very trendy club in Bogota, Colombia. Big up to all people there, it was a magical night, I miss you all, and a big up to my good friend Felipe at Fete Electronique, it wouldn´t be the same without you!

Here is the release text from ken records release comming up soon on these digital record labels everywhere.

“We are delighted to have Kentwist release an EP with us. Kentwist is known for his creative bass power disco tunes, inspired by Greg Wilson, Faze Action, Aeroplane just to name a few from the land of Norwegian Disco Superstars Prins Thomas, Todd Terje and Lindstrom. To welcome us into the new area of human history and the new galaxy, here is a smashing inspiration to dig your head into.”

Full support list:

Diskjokke, Jarle Bråthen, Dj Friendly, Olle Abstract, Anderson Noise, Christiano Pequeno, Discoholycs, Dj FMC, Dj Sinno, Eddie Sender, Gregorio Assandri, John Clements, Kem (GrooveU), Laslo Deak (Factor-X), Leftside Wobble, Leri (Mutant Disco), Mario Aparicio, Mutant Disco, Patski Love, Peter Galaksikov, Peter Visti, Ray Coker, Ronny, Greg Churchill, Gustavo SA, Manuel Calapez, Christophe Bernier (rs1 radio), Dynamicron Vultan / Los Grandes Records, Gennaro Lupo, Jon Nedza / Gazeebo International, Sean Johnston, Steve Lee / The Project Club